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Dear Mr. Henshaw - Paul O. Zelinsky, Beverly Cleary I picked this book up because I recently read some author's bio and he/ she said this book was influential in their lives. Unfortunately, I don't remember who the author was or the particular significance. A sweet story but not life-changing for me.

The premise is a school-aged boy writes to his favorite author. He also keeps a diary, with his thoughts written in the form of more letters to the author, Mr. Henshaw. Henshaw's role in all this is fairly minimal. Most of the meat of the story is when the boy Leigh starts writing about what's going on in his life. What's going on is his parents divorce. Leigh's father is a long-distance trucker who is never around. Leigh's mother divorces him because he's more in love with his life on the road than with his family.

I'd love to hear what a ten-twelve year old thought of the whole divorce situation. To me, it seemed like Dad's life on the road was way more fun and mother was home working a million hours and barely scraping by. Even the pictures in the book were skewed this way. Dad looks young and vibrant while Mom looks tired and dowdy.

Throughout the read, I kept comparing it to [b:Love That Dog|53498|Love That Dog|Sharon Creech|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1349043084s/53498.jpg|984829], which is one of my favorites. I can read it over and over and it makes me cry every time. This book didn't elicit any strong feelings from me, even when the dog was missing! Good but not great.