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Hummingbirds - Joshua Gaylord I just learned that Joshua Gaylord and Alden Bell are one and the same. This is way different from zombies but I have to check it out.

Okay, so now I've read it. It's possible I would have given this book 4 stars if I weren't reading it on the heels of Exit Kingdom by Alden Bell. I could find no commonalities in writing style between the two. Gaylord said as much in a review. He took on the name Alden Bell when he wrote The Reapers... because he knew he was writing for a different audience. Fans of Joshua Gaylord may not be fans of Alden Bell.

The author is a teacher at a private girls high school on the Upper East Side. The story takes place in a fictional private girls high school. I really don't know how male teachers manage the girls, who are practicing their flirting and trying to exert power over the males in their life. When I was in high school, an all girls high school, I had a math teacher who was fresh out of college. He asked us to call him Mr. Saff because he had a long unpronounceable name. He was young and cool and probably a little flirty. At least half the girls I knew had a crush on him ( including me) and looked for reasons to talk to him after class. Anyway, he was not invited back at the end of the school year. I don't know if anything happened or if the administration was afraid something might happen.

This story involves teachers and students trying to maneuver their way through a difficult place. Two teachers. Leo binhammer has always been the only young hip teacher and the girls are all half in love with him. Along comes new teacher Ted Hughes. Leo can feel the girls transferring their crushed to Hughes do he ups his own flirtatious behavior. No good can come of this. To complicate things further, Leo's wife had a short-lived fling with Hughes while away at a conference two years ago. Leo wants to hate acted, but he also finds himself failing under Ted's spell.

Obviously, Gaylord knows teenage girls and has created some very real characters here.