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The Boyfriend - Thomas Perry This is the second book in Perry's serIes with private detective Jack Till. Good story that kept me interested. Till has been hired to find the killer of his client's daughter. As he researches the case, he learns that the guy who killed this woman is in fact a serial killer with a pattern of killing female escorts with the same physical description. No police have noticed the pattern because the women live in big cities all over the country.

I loved Perry's Jane Whitefield series. I was fascinated by the level of detail she went into when planning to relocate one of her clients. I think I might do okay if for some reason I had to disappear. In this Jack Till book, Perry goes into excruciating detail when talking about weaponry. We hear all about the different guns he and the serial killer favor, their range, how to shoot them, and much more. Details about cartridges. If you're into weapons, you may find this interesting but it was information overload for me. I'm sure Perry did his research but I really didn't want to hear about it.

Interesting thriller. Quick read. Summer fun.