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Big Plans - Bob Shea, Lane Smith I am sad. Very sad. This book has almost all 4 and 5 star reviews. People want to marry this book. Not so me. It starts off great. The kid is sitting in the corner doing time. The chalk board clues us in to why he's in trouble. "I will not roll my eyes. I will not scheme in class. What I say does not go. I am not the boss of the class. I will not laugh when others speak. It's nice to be important but more important to be nice. I will not prove the teacher wrong. At first, I'm like "I love this kid!" Yay, question authority! Free to be...you and me! But then I was like "why is he laughing at the other kids? Why does he need a reminder to be nice? " Not cool, kid!

As the kid sits in his chair, supposedly rethinking his bad choices, he's actually making big plans. He accomplishes his big plans by bullying others. He's loud, he's angry and he's bossy. It is true I'm not the intended audience and teachers seem to love this book.

So what do I know!?