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Do Not Disturb (A Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery) - Kate Kingsbury There's a website called bookbub.com where you can get kindle books for free. Free books! When I first signed up, I went a little crazy and downloaded every book they sent me. So, this is one of them You get what you pay for. Mediocre mystery where very little happens. No suspense. The characters were so similar that I kept mixing them up. And the red herring! : the widow who keeps her face hidden behind a veil. She has huge hands, huge feet, and is super strong. The author makes references to this mysterious "woman" on almost every page. But guess what? She's just an ugly woman with a scarred face who is freakishly large. Sigh. A waste of my time.

Since I was reading this on my kindle, I kept checking what page I was on and how much longer the book was because nothing was happening. Even in the climactic scene between the killer and our heroine, I felt nothing. Go ahead, kill her, she's boring.