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Caught - Harlan Coben This was a perfect choice for a rainy cold Saturday, I read most of it in one sitting. What I enjoy about Harlan Coben is that his books are fast-paced, edge of your seat, suspenseful stories with great characters. So why only two stars if this book was exactly what I was looking for? It came down to an incredibly convoluted plot with twists at every turn and way too many characters. Let's see if I can remember them all. Yes, I'm going to list them so you can get a feel for how much was going on! Dan Mercer-accused pedophile. Dan's attorney- Flair Hickory. Haley McWaid- missing teen. Haley's parents, Marcia and Ted, sister Patricia. Dan's ex-wife, Jenna, her husband Noel Wheeler, and Wheeler's teen daughter Amanda. Investigative reporter Wendy Tines, her son Charlie, his friends Clark and James, father-in-law Pops. Sheriff Mickey Walker- investigating a murder. Inspector Frank Tremont (daughter died of cancer)-looking for Haley. Ed Grayson-father of sexually abused boy, EJ, his wife whose name I forget. Hester Crimstein- Ed's lawyer. Members of "The Fathers Group"- Phil Turnball, Norm aka Ten-A-Fly, Doug, and Owen,. Princeton friends (with some overlap)- Dan Mercer, Phil Turnball, Steve Miciano, Farley Parks, and Kelvin Tilfer. Haley's ex boyfriend- Kirby Sennett. Plus various wives, the high school principal, troubled teen Chynna. Why list them all? Because with all the twists and turns and red herrings, almost any of them could be the bad guy.

I think this could've been a winner with a little purging. I was happy with the resolution and surprisingly Coben really did manage to tie up all the loose ends. There was just too much going on for me. So maybe 2.5.