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Storm Front - Jim Butcher I was very disappointed with the first book in the Harry Dresden series. I did read one of the later books and thought I should go back and start the series from the beginning to fully appreciate them. The premise is that Harry is a real-life wizard living in the real world. What most people don't know is that there are all kinds of supernatural beings in the real world too.

So Harry's supposed to be this brilliant and powerful wizard but I didn't see much of that. Mostly he made the wind blow. He got beat up a lot. He was always broke. This really disappointed me-why couldn't he make a buck with all this brilliant wizardry? When he got into a confrontation with one of the supernatural bad guys, he drops his staff, he doesn't have any magic potions with him, he gave his magical assistant the night off (i'm serious!) I want a wizard who can pull a rabbit (or knife) out of his hat when he needs one.

I just didn't care about Harry or his predicaments. He gets attacked by giant scorpions not once but twice. Boring! In reading other reviews, many agree the early books in the series are not well written but supposedly they get better as you move through the series. I can't.