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Defending Jacob - William Landay There were really no surprises with this book. Oh sure, there were plot twists. But generally it was a typical courtroom drama. The writing was fine,I did think the pace was a little plodding at times. I am easily distracted and found myself wandering off when it got too detailed.

In terms of characters, I really disliked everyone. I did think Landay did a great job of depicting a narcissistic teen. I loved to hate him. While I certainly can't say what I would do in the family's circumstances, when they were calmly discussing Jacob's running away to Buenos Aires, I was so disappointed. I frequently wanted to smack Andy upside the head! Stop protecting this jerk of a son! I've read other reviews where people have said it was unclear if Jacob was guilty. I never felt like that. I was sure he killed Ben and then certain he also killed Hope. I was very happy with Laurie's solution. She finally earned my respect.

An interesting story. A good book to talk about. Maybe an entertaining movie.