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First Light (Brady Coyne, #19) - Philip R. Craig, William G. Tapply This book was the first collaboration between author Philip Craig and William Tappley. Craig has written a number of mysteries which take place on Martha's Vineyard. Tappley's mysteries follow a Boston lawyer. The authors alternate chapters, each giving the perspective of his character. I enjoyed the setting. Craig's character, J.W. talks a lot about eating and drinking and hanging out on his deck watching the sunset. Sounds nice. I felt less of a connection with to Tappley's character, Brady Coyne. Sure he ate and drank with J.W. but he was pretty flat. I will say he made me mad when he flung his cigarette off the side of a boat.

The mystery involved a couple of missing women. I figured this one out long before J.W. and that annoyed me. Hello, the guy's a retired Boston cop. He really should have been a little more savvy. He also put himself into some precarious positions. I admit to some eye rolling. So, fun read but a little bit frustrating when it came to the mystery. Plus, there are recipes. I'm a sucker for stories with recipes.