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Blue Heaven - C.J. Box Ok, so my library is doing this thing forValentines Day called "blind date" where they wrapped up a bunch of books in pretty paper and you don't know what book you checked out til you unwrap it. I figured it's good to read random books once in a while. This was my book. The teaser said there was a plot twist and just like any blind date, this was a bit of an exaggeration. Still it was a fun read and maybe I could go as high as 4 stars but I read another book by this guy and hated it so that has, rightly or not, effected my rating.

It's a very fast-paced story where a couple of kids witness a murder out in the woods and are seen by the killers. The kids are off and running and the bad guys go after them. The kids outsmart the bad guys and find someone who believes them. Then we have the showdown between good and evil. Not gonna tell you who lives and who dies. I will say this was a satisfactory read and I'd go out on a second date.