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Life - Keith Richards I am enjoying Keith's story, just taking a little break from it. He gives a lot of detail about how to play the guitar which goes right over my head.
Finally finished. In the beginning, I found Keith to be egotistical and a little hard to take. I was frequently furious with him for the off-handed way he dealt with raising his children (or leaving that to others). It was draining to read about all his drugging, for which he is unapologetic. Somehow, as I read on, I found myself liking Keith. I withdrew my lable of egotist. Actually, he could be brutally honest in describing his life choices and he began to come off as much more humble. It was hard not to feel the love and enthusiasm he had for music and other musicians.I did check out some videos of him performing and he always seemed to be enjoying the music. I also watched the documentary "Gimme Shelter" which was very disturbing. The book was filled with lots and lots of details. About the tours, the albums, his musical technique, his relationships with the other Stones, and his personal life. I'll probably read this one again to absorb more.