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The Turn of the Screw - Henry James This was not an easy read for me. I had to reread some sections before being able to move on. The story starts well enough. A man spending the holidays with a group of friends decides to share a ghost story someone once told him. He has to send away to London for a written copy of the tale. This prelude was more suspenseful than the rest of the story, which was much more of a psychological thriller than ghost story to me. The basic premise has a woman relating her time spent as the governess for two young children, Miles and Flora, at their uncle's country estate. This is the governess's first assignment. Previous governesses have not been able to stand the isolation of the country estate. The governess insists the children are being haunted by their previous governess and her lover, both of whom have died unexpectedly. She can see the ghosts and believes the children see the ghosts as well. Her confidante, the cook, is unable to see the ghosts. It is left to the reader to decide if the governess is sane or not. If she is sane, then the children are brilliant in their psychological torture of her. If the reader believes her to be insane, one is able to understand her interpretation of her angelic charges' behavior. There were some points on which I was not clear. Was the uncle aware of his charges' evil tendencies and is that why he was completely hands-off regarding their care ? Why exactly was Miles expelled from school ? The story left me a little unsatisfied.iu