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Mansfield Park - Jane Austen I could learn a thing or two from Fanny Price. Initially, I found her to be a bit of a drip and I wanted to prod her. Do something, say something! As the story progressed, I found myself fascinated by her calm demeanor, by her ability to observe without comment. I am not like this. I am often described as sassy, which is a kind-of-polite way of saying, "Okay that's funny but maybe you shouldn't say that out loud". Maybe, just maybe, it might possibly be a good idea to keep some of my thoughts to myself. Maybe.

So while I wasn't thrilled with Fanny's choice of partner (and actually found myself rooting for that scoundrel Henry), Fanny's patience paid off. She got what she wanted. My way- often I do not get what I want. Hmmm. Maybe Fanny is onto something.

Love Austen, another enjoyable read.