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Wonder - R.J. Palacio Ok, this book took me by surprise. I was less than impressed for the first half of the book. I felt manipulated. Then, I don't know, I started to care about all these kids and what they were trying to deal with. Auggie, our hero, has some pretty serious facial deformities. This is a tricky one for anyone to deal with. Lots of adults would struggle with accepting Auggie. Maybe Auggie's family was a little too perfect but I guess people do rise to meet a challenge. I'm just going to accept that there really are nice people out there who just are able to do the right thing, to "be kinder than necessary".

My neighbor's grand daughter just got diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, which is paralysis of half the face. It's temporary and drs say it should go away within a year. Not so horrific, not a lifelong problem. But it makes me think. The little girl is beautiful and wherever she goes people stop to gawk at her and comment on her beauty. So what happens now? Will she notice the difference? I'm sure her parents will. Will this affect her in the long run? I know kids are resilient but they also don't miss a trick. We shall see.

(challenge- sick character, although I realize he's not actually sick)