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Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis Klause This book is a werewolf story, written way back in 1997. Vivian and her pack are trying to survive in a world where there are fewer and fewer places for those like her to live.Her mother's name is Esme! They have made a pact not to kill humans so that they won't be exposed. Someone in the pack has a taste for human meat and this has gotten the pack chased from New Orleans to West Virginia to Maryland. Living in a quiet suburb in Maryland, 16-tear-old Vivian finds herself longing for typical teen things and wants some normal friends. When she decides to pursue a boy at school, things start to fall apart in her world.

What I think I enjoyed most about the book was the portrayal of the werewolves. They are earthy, comfortable with their bodies and sex. None of this pure young thing who also happens to turn into a wolf. Vivian's no innocent. I will say I didn't much care for reading about her licking the sweat off Aidan's face or lapping at his bath water. Other than that, a fun read.