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Monstrous Beauty - Elizabeth Fama I flew through this book so I can definitely say it was entertaining. Thus the three star rating. Unfortunately, I feel like the author bit off too much. Is it a ghost story? Is it a mermaid tale? No, it's both and for me that just didn't work. I kept thinking the author had two great ideas and should've written two separate stories. But this is what we got.

I felt like the characters were underdeveloped so I was not particularly invested in any outcome. I did have a wee bi' of a soft spot for Pastor McKee. Who doesn't like a scotch-drinking old man!

Yikes to the brutal rape. Again, I felt like the author took on too much.

I did enjoy the fact that it took place in Plymouth, where I live. I may have to wander around the cemetery on Burial Hill someday soon. It is a beautiful spot.

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