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Linger - Maggie Stiefvater Book #2 of the Wolves of Mercy Falls was the tiniest bit more layered than the first, which was basially a teen love story where one of the characters was a wolf. In Book #2, Linger, two more main characters are added and they are so much more interested than Sam and Grace, who were the protagonists in Shiver. I wonder if the author was disappointed with how milquetoast they turned out to be, so she added Isobel and Cole, who are the real heroes of Linger.They are strong and complicated and there's tension in their relationships with others.
I didn't really buy the plotline where Grace's parents suddenly take on parental roles with her. The girl will be eighteen in 4 months and all of a sudden, they care that she has a boyfriend ? Does she still get good grades and take care of running the household ? Yep. Is her boyfriend good to her, polite to her parents, responsible ? Yep. Sure they caught the two sleeping together, but these are self-involved hippy artists. I just didn't buy it. Anyway, I'm sure young girls will love this book. There's romanace and wolves and naked teenage boys.