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One Day - David Nicholls I made it almost all the way through this book thinking I would give it 4 stars and then it really fell apart for me.

Things I liked: 1) snarky female main character. She was laugh out loud funny at times, but mostly just quick and clever. 2)the parlor game "Are You There, Moriarty ?" which involves blindfolds and a rolled up newspaper. Marco polo with an edge. I really want to play this game.

Things I didn't like: 1) Dexter, who was the whiny, weak male main character. Why should I like him ? Why does Emma like him ? 2) Gimmicky "one day" thing where author writes about the same day for 20 years. Also, he didn't always stick to it because sometimes he needed to bring the readers up to speed by included what's been happening for the past year. 3)The last 100 pages of the book. Of course Emma ends up with Dexter... it's supposed to be what we've been waiting for. I was not happy she chose him over her nice French boyfriend. Again, why ? Emma turns back into this radical, anti-establishment railer, angry with Dexter basically for being Dexter. Then the author kills Emma off, which I'm okay with, but now we're stuck with whiny, weak, drunken Dexter for the last part of the book. No fun, not funny. It changed the whole tenor of the story.

I recommend you stop reading at about p.300, keeping this a light Brit-lit romp.