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The Danger - Dick Francis Maybe my favorite thing about Dick Francis' books is that he makes it seem that no situation is so horrible that the protagonist can't fix it. I just love his uber-competent heroes. His heroes aren't superheroes with special powers, just regular guys who happen to be smart, logical, and full of common sense. I also enjoy the fact that good strong tea is the go-to remedy for the shaken victim, except when it's whiskey or brandy.

Andrew Douglas is a young guy, I'm guessing 30ish, who works as a kidnapping specialist for an insurance company. He's low key, matter of fact, and brilliant at his job. The job entails negotiating with the kidnappers about the ransom and release of the victim. (This is a real job-I can't imagine doing that for a living) He works with local police forces, some of whom appreciate his expertise, others who are dismissive (not a good idea).

There are several kidnappings in the story and Andrew plays a key role in negotiating the safe release of them. Lots of suspense.

My only complaint is the romance component. Francis, in my opinion, is not very good at this piece and the less he tries the better.Don't go there, Dick.