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Something Missing - Matthew Dicks I really loved it. Let's see if I can explain why because it is different. For most of the book, it's pretty slow paced and goes into excruciating(I know that sounds bad but it's not) detail about the main character's daily routine.I found this fascinating, but others may be turned off by it.I felt like it helped me get inside Martin's head. The protag is a 30-something guy with OCD who works part-time at Starbucks as a cover for his real job as a thief. He's quite endearing actually. Martin has a series of houses or "clients" which he visits regularly, stealing small amount of everyday household supplies to keep his own home stocked up. A few pickles here, some Tide detergent there. In addition, he does occasionally steal some bigger ticket items after watching to see if the homeowners use it and might miss it. There are some funny passages about his ebay persona, Barbara Teal. Martin's life is one of routine which takes a sharp turn when he accidentally knocks a client's electric toothbrush into the toilet. Knowing he can't in good conscience just wash it off and put it back, Martin begins to break one after another of his long-held rules. The "something missing" of the title refers not only to the items Martin steals, but also to Martin's solitary world as well. I had so much fun reading this. I'm going to miss Martin. Cleverly done.