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The Uninvited Guests
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A Wolf at the Table - Augusten Burroughs Whenever I read anything by Augusten Burroughs I'm surprised he can even function, let alone have a successful career. This is a memoir about his possibly homicidal father. Usually his books make me laugh out loud. This is not one of them. Burroughs is able to make you feel the dread he always felt in his father's presence. That guy was scary. In spite of the topic of the book, I always love Burroughs' words: "Cucumber sandwiches on white bread with mayonnaise-this was the taste of summer, like biting into the actual day itself." and "...when I ate vanilla frosting straight from the can, I could feel God standing right beside me like a real best friend, watching, and smiling, and wishing he had a mouth." I just love this guy.