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The Uninvited Guests
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The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly 12 year old David's world gets turned upside down when his mother dies and his father has a child with his mother's caretaker, Rose. They move into Rose's house and David in his misery retreats into what he has always thought of as the safe world of books. Soon, he finds himself caught up in his book world.

One night,he creeps out of bed, through the garden, and ends up in a fantasy world, populated by the people and other creatures he has read about. David, thinking his mother may be still alive in this strange world sets out on a quest to find her. He learns that an aging king with a "book of lost things" may hold the answers. In his travels, David meets characters both good and bad. Who can he trust, what is the right course to take ? As David struggles with these choices, he matures and is ultimately able to see the world he left behind a little more clearly and a little less selfishly.

I really would have loved it if there had been pictures. The author does a wonderful job of describing his people and places but I wanted more.