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Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington I couldn't go through with it. After torturing myself for 245 pages, I set myself free and returned this book to the library unfinished. Here's as far as I got: Violet, at age 17, comes of age as a part human/part angel and has to decide if she's going to embrace her new role as a Gregori. She can reject it but she will be vulnerable to all the exiled angels roaming the earth who can feel her power and assume she's a Gregori.Stubborn girl that she is, she rejects the Gregori (because she's mad at one of the hot dudes-see below) There's lots of boring content about all the different levels of angels. There is the compulsory love triangle, with both the hot males who are after Violet being alternately moody and emo with being angrily passionate.

As a Gregori, some of one's senses may be intensified. Of course, Violet has more intense changes than any other Gregori. But check this out- her intensified senses, she smells apples, she hears wings fluttering, and some other stuff I can't remember ! I did not care.

Maybe it got better, but I think I gave it enough of a try to know this was not the right book for me.