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I Am the Messenger - Markus Zusak Markus Zusak writes characters that can break your heart. This is the story of Ed Kennedy, a regular guy, going nowhere in the rundown town where he grew up. The first chapter gives us an hysterical intro to four friends as they deal with being victims of a bank robbery. One might think the book was going to be a light fun romp seen through Ed's eyes. Not so. This was some heavy stuff.

Once Zusak makes you care about these characters, he gets all heavy and message -laden and deep. I cried, but you may already know, I'm a bit of a softy. Take it for what it's worth.

There are shades of "It's a Wonderful Life", "Highway to Heaven" and probably "Touched by an Angel"(which I have never seen but I can guess what it's about !)but that's okay. Ed is fresh and real and he makes a great hero.

The reveal is a little precious but I was able to forgive Zusak because there are some beautiful moments in this book.

Favorite lines:
"We ran straight through the laughter of the night."

"With her legs crossed at the ankles, she swings them back and forth, and it's the most beautiful thing I see all day."

"There are just people going about what they always do. Talking. Parking crooked. Swearing. Telling their kids to hurry up and stop fighting. All that kind of thing."
This last quote really sums up Zusak's writing for me. That's what he writes about-all that kind of thing.

(This book fulfills "title starts with a letter in WINTER")