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The Enchanted Castle - H.R. Millar, E. Nesbit What I love about Nesbit is her focus on the children in her stories. This is my second book by her, the first being Five Children and It. There are loads of similarities between the two. The children are pretty much without supervision. The adults who do appear in the stories are simple and easily controlled.Sometimes the kids tell them the truth and aren't believed, other times the kids stress the true parts of their adventures, leaving out the bits that might concern the mostly inattentive chaperones. In this book, the children happen upon what appears to be an enchanted castle. How much of what happens to them might be actual magic and how much is simply imagination is really not important.It's really just about life from a child's perspective. As in Five Children and It, it's fun to see how they make use of the magic ring they find. Again, be careful what you wish for. This is a sweet story with loads of adventure. And of course there's a happy ending.