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In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin
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The Uninvited Guests
Sadie Jones
Felidae Pb - Akif Pirincci This is a story about cats. Who have a murderer among them. Told from the perspective of a cat. You may want to stop here. This may not be the book for you. This is a mystery seen through the eyes of out hero Francis. Francis is new to the neighborhood and is shocked to learn that many of his feline "family" are being murdered. It is clear the murderer is another cat. The preferred method of killing is a cat-bite to the neck. Francis, believing himself to be of greater-than-average intelligence, takes it upon himself to solve the mystery. He is joined in his task by a few other cats he calls friend. In attempting to solve the crimes, Francis is thrown into a world he didn't know existed. He learns of a bizarre cult where the local cats worship a long-dead cat named Claudandus. He finds out about a lab in the neighborhood where the humans performed heinous experiments on cats. He even comes across a new breed of cats. Francis and his friends connect the dots as they search for answers. More than once, Francis finds himself in dangerous situations. The humans in the book play only a very peripheral role as the "can openers". Lots of interesting cat facts and lore in the story.