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Knit One, Kill Two - Maggie Sefton I just don't understand these spunky girls who get involved in solving murders. If I thought someone was a murderer, the last thing I would do is go to their secluded ranch to confront them. Yet, this is exactly what these girls do in mystery after mystery. Who are they ? Fortunately, this one is smarter than most and almost never makes any stupid moves.

This book is the first in a series. They revolve around a group of women, including our heroine Kelly Flynn, who knit together at a yarn shop in Colorado. Kelly arrives in town to settle her (recently murdered) aunt's estate. She has her doubts about the direction of the police investigation, so she decides to start asking questions on her own.Who wouldn't ! Lots of locals are suspected before Kelly finally figures out who the murderer must be. Fun, quick read. This book made me want to pull up stakes, move to Colorado, and take up knitting! Except for that whole murder thing.

Super spoiler alert. I just couldn't feel good about the resolution of the mystery. It turns out Aunt Helen was killed by the son she gave up for adoption at birth. The father of the boy was her first love, Lawrence Chambers. When they were both eighteen (and she was pregnant, unbeknownst to lawrence) he announced his engagement to a society girl. Helen went off and had the baby, gave it up, came home, no one was the wiser. But now he's come back and killed his own mother. Both Helen and Lawrence (now in their 60s) are gentle wonderful people. How horrible that they suffer such terribles fates at the hands of the boy they gave up. How can Lawrence ever forgive himself for letting Helen go. Why did the killer have to be the adopted son ? Why couldn't he have just been a real estate developer ? Why, maggie Sefton, why ? Then Lawrence could've reconnected with his long lost son, somewhat softening the blow of losing Helen. Much better ending !