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The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide - Eva Talmadge, Justin    Taylor The title tells all. This book is a compilation of pictures of tatoos, often with a commentary from the owner of said tatoo, explaining why the text or illustration of text is dear to them. I preferred the text tatoos. I personally have never felt the impulse to tatoo my body and always thought, if I had to for some reason (gun to head, a step toward world peace) I would get one of the Grateful Dead's dancing bears in orange. Having read this book, I've changed my mind and now love the idea of contemplating (without action) what words I would choose to become a permanent part of my body. I'm thinking "twas brillig" might be kind of fun. In considering such a thing, I did feel that the typeface one chooses is key to a good design. There were some beautiful quotes, but the font was kind of crappy, which totally detracted from the beauty. There were some repeat quotes and some looked great while others didn't really stand out. Once (in real life) I saw a woman who had a quote written in cursive, which started at her neck and wound around her torso.She had on a bikini top and was ahead of me in line for icecream. I forget what the poem was but it was very cool. Unfortunately, it can only be seen during the summer months, when she can sport the bikini top.There were also some portraits of artists, which I thought was a weird tribute. After all, you don't love Mark Twain or Walt Whitman for his looks (although Whitman is kinda cool looking) but for his words.Interesting "read".