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I'm Not Her - Janet Gurtler Goodreads giveaway.At first I was underwhelmed by this teen story of one sister, Tess, dealing with her perfect older sister's cancer diagnosis. Kristina. The title implies a major conflict between the two, or with people's perceptions of them, but I never felt this aspect was fully embraced. Once I let go of waiting for that piece, I found this to be a really sweet narrative that dealt nicely with issues of death and dying. The whole family is (obviously) effected by Kristina's diagnosis and there were lots of cringe-worthy scenes as they make poor, selfish choices.

There are many stereotypical teens in the story, which at first disappointed me. As I read further, I really felt like this actually makes the book more accessible to teen readers.Nothing too complicated. I would recommend this book to a teen dealing with similar issues. It's quick, it's easy to read, and it hits all the main points.

I did cry a little but I'm a bit of a baby that way.

My one complaint is that I felt like the author used a cheap trick to suck the reader in. The story starts out with Tess at a funeral, so one assumes that Kristina dies. As it turns out, she is not at Kristina's funeral, but at that of another student from school! So, the whole book, you think you know kristina is going to die and the then she doesn't. Not sure what purpose this served.