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The Ask and the Answer - Patrick Ness I figured enough time has lapsed since I read the first book in this trilogy to blunt the trauma of all the loss in The Knife of Never Letting Go, but this book picks up (obviously) right where the last book left off and I feel like I've been kicked in the gut. I'm hoping it's not all bad.

Okay, I've finished.So, let me warn you right from the start not to get too close to any of the characters because they're probably gonna get killed. I definitely didn't like this book as much as the first book. While Viola's character became stronger, Todd's became weaker and there were times when I hated him. I know war is hell and that nothing is black and white but I don't think I can forgive Todd for some of the choices he made. Plus, he was a little whiny, always yelling at the president, "Where is she ?" or "Don't you touch her!"or "You better not hurt her!" but there wasn't anything behind his words so when he started up I just wanted to to tell him to shut up. davey, on the other hand, became a much more understandable (dare I say, likable?)character. Who would you be with a father like Prentiss ? I was rooting for Davey to stand up to his father finally, make the right choice !

Then there's the whole dragged out "ending" where I just wanted to roll my eyes. Of course, it's not really an ending because there's still the third book in the series. Sure there were twists but there were also some pretty stupid moves. I was a little disappointed in the author. It was like sending a teenage down the basement in a horror movie. It's been done a million times, teens know better now ! No one's gonna go down the basement.I think Todd should've known better and so should Ness.