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Tunneling: A Novel - hated, hated, hated this book. Main character: 12 year old girl named Rachel Finch. Best friend: 12 year old named Rachel Fish. Why ?????? Both are precocious, having read Shakespeare, Kafka, Chinua Achebe. Enough said.
Okay maybe not enough said because I have more to say. Rachel has a friend named S-man. Okay, he's Superman, why not call him that ? Together Rachel and S-man go back in time (tunnel) to meet famous authors and change history. They never succeed and their adventures are pointless. There are also three bad guys; Assemblage, The Stick, and Laff Riot. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Second plot also involved tunneling. A vietnam vet is training all boys to live in tunnels under the town. This is to prepare them to fight the Viet Cong.
I was really annoyed by this book. Nothing seems to follow. I was left frustrated by the story, the half-told stories, and the bizarre characters. My "Yuck" shelf was created for this book !