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Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger 3.5 stars. Story of 21 year old (sort of) identical twins, Julia and Valentina, who move to London as they struggle with individuation. Their own mother was one of a set of identical twins who has had no contact with her own twin sister in 21 years. She, her husband, and the twins lived in Chicago, while her sister remained in London where the elder twins were raised. The younger set of twins inherit their London aunt's property, with some stipulations stated in the will. Julia is portrayed as the controlling, older by 6 minutes one, while Valentina is meek, sickly, and tired of her enmeshed life with Julia. Interestingly, Julia is able to help a house-bound neighbor struggling with OCD move toward independence. She is also able to make a generous sacrifice for Valentina. Valentina, at the same time, makes an incredibly selfish choice, disregarding its affect on her sister, parents, and friend Robert. This is also a ghost story, as the girls soon learn that their aunt continues to live in the apartment they have inherited and moved into. They try to get to know their aunt and learn what lead to their mother and aunt's estrangement. Their aunt has her own agenda, her controlling ways have not ended with her death. Interesting read.