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Countdown - Iris Johansen one of a series of novels by Iris Johansen following forensic sculptor Eve Duncan and her husband Joe Quinn, an Atlanta PD cop.They have minimal roles in this one. The main character is eve's 21 year old adopted daughter Jane Maguire.I didn't read the previous book in the series, which took placw 4 years earlier. It also dealt with Cira, who was an actress in ancient Rome. She may have died in Herculaneum when Mt Vesuvius erupted, leaving behind a treasure of gold. Jane, for some reason looks just like Cira (a statue of her was recovered from the site), and she also seems to dream as Cira (no explanation given for this).Jane is a strong-willed young woman who manages to ensnare the un-ensnarable (?) Trevor, a 36 year old con man/smuggler with a shrouded history. He's been pining away for Jane (basically stalking her)since their last encounter in Herculaneum 4 years earlier. Anyway, convoluded story about trying to find Cira's gold. All kinds of bad guys. Jane knowingly puts herself in dangerous situations. Far more mature than any real 21 year old. Very little suspense. Skip this one.