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Fleeting Memory - Sherban Young Goodreads freebie. Going into this novel, I thought I was going to love it. At times I laughed out loud. Our amnesiac hero, let's call him John Hathaway, is trying to find a woman who's wandered off from his cabin. Not knowing her name he thinks of yelling , "Hey Lady !" He writes, " 'Lady' had potential, but upon reflection, it sounded a bit too Jerry Lewis for my tastes, and I was pretty sure I hated Jerry Lewis." Funny stuff. Plus there's the beautiful prose where our hero says things like, "I suspected the crap out of it." Brilliant. He also references PG Wodehouse, which always gets an author points in my book. Unfortunately, I think the author was trying for a mad-cap mystery with plenty of screw ups, misunderstandings, and mayhem, but he didn't quite reach that level. Of course, he isn't Wodehouse, so there's that. I did like John Hathaway's character, who when he wasn't being snarky, was bumbling his way through the mystery (much like Bertie Wooster). I guess one of the other main characters, Enescu Fleet, was supposed to be John's Jeeves. He just didn't have Jeeves' talent for humorous retorts. Fleet was not ever funny, where Jeeves is always hilarious.

Also, the solution to the mystery was completely unbelievable. Will I read another book by this author...absolutely.