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The View from Penthouse B - Elinor Lipman

Not a lot happening here. I kept thinking this should be funnier, maybe if written by Nora Ephron or Helen Fielding.i It was more of a cozy story about sisters recovering from some tough times by moving in together and finding out how to let go of the past (one was angry, one depressed), appreciate the present, and look forward to the future. 


I thought the book was unfocused. Lippmann went into a lot of detail about the internet dating services. Then went back to the sisters' daily life. It didn't feel balanced to me. Too much of one thing, not enough of the other.


What  was lacking in story, Lipman made up for with interesting characters. I liked them. The women were survivors without being all, "I'm a survivor." Just regular women trying to move on. I really liked Anthony and Chaz. Charles-not so much. I know for a fact I would not forgive that guy!