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RoomiesRoomies by Sara Zarr

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Story of two girls and their experiences the final summer before going off to college. Really brought me back to that summer. Perfect angsty time. Endings and beginnings. I remember signing everyone's yearbook, "Have a nice life" or something equally cool and dismissive. I knew I wouldn't see most of my classmates again (the school was not in my part of town, and I generally didn't see anyone outside of school)School friends and home friends.

I loved the author's depiction of the parents. Definitely less than perfect. They were real. The parents had their own angst about their daughters leaving home. I'm pretty sure my father did not go through any of that. There were definitely no tears. He dropped me off at my apartment and said, "okay, see you at Thanksgiving".Probably where I got my have-a-nice-life attitude from. Maybe parents nowadays are more in touch with their feelings.

So, I really loved both these girls, EB and Lauren. After learning that they will be rooming together at school, they begin emailing each other. The emails were heartbreaking, funny, perfect. They would share too much, take a step back, regret, sulk, get angry, forgive, and then do it all again. Loved it.

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